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  1. Oct - 10th - 2015: Product design and standardization services are available under selected streams under Biotechnology at NTHRYS. Interested candidates please contact us with their detailed requirements.
  2. Oct - 1st - 2015: Tissue Engieering Projects are available from Dec 2015 at NTHRYS Hyderabad. Projects depended on 3D Printed ECM models are about to launch under this module
  3. Sep - 22nd - 2015: New methodologies under Biomedical Projects are underway to take their practical shape from January 2016 at NTHRYS. These projects invovle not only Medical Applications oriented one's but also Robobioics modules
  4. Sep - 15th - 2015: NTHRYS is launchig its Research Methodology Training Program from Dec 2015. Interested candidates please contact us.
  5. Sep - 10th - 2015: Thesis Assistance service / PhD Report Making Service / Dissertation report making enforcing Plagiarism rule using Turnitin Software is provided at NTHRYS Thesis Assistance Service
  6. Sep - 2nd - 2015: DNA Barcoding Project Assistance Service offered at NTHRYS. Contact for more details
  7. Aug - 24th - 2015: Mathematics PhD assistance has started at NTHRYS. Please contact for more details
  8. Aug - 17th - 2015: DST & DBT Project Proposal Assistance as well Project Maintenance and Management services are provided at NTHRYS. Please contact for more details
  9. Aug - 5th - 2015: Custom Bionformatics Database design and deployment service provided by NTHRYS. Algorithm development assistance service can be collaterally merged in the same service. Please contact for more details
  10. July - 28th - 2015: Custom Crop specific Biofertilizers as well as pest / crop specific Biopesticides design / formulation service is provided by NTHRYS. Please contact for more details
  11. July - 22nd - 2015: NTHRYS has launched its pioneering project works under the domain Computational Neuroscience domain. Please call for more details
  12. July - 16th - 2015: Php based Artificial Intelligence algorithm designing assistance services are offered by NTHRYS. Please contact for more details
  13. July - 2nd - 2015: NTHRYS Launches Medical Projects Service under a broad range of Medical Sectors. Please visit the following Medical Projects Page for more details
  14. June - 30th - 2015: NTHRYS has reduced 20% on all Project & Training fee structures to Academic Candidates under the fields of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
  15. June - 20th - 2015: NTHRYS Launched Compound Prediction Services for NMR, GC-MS, FTIR & UV Analysis Data. Contact Us for more details
  16. June - 2nd - 2015: NTHRYS now can assist Researchers & Academicians to procure Lab Animals from CPCSEA certified facilities located across the nation.
  17. May - 31st - 2015: NTHRYS now offers PhD Topic Selection, PhD Methodology design & PhD Practical Protocol Design assistance at affordable costs.
  18. May - 23rd - 2015: NTHRYS is proud to announce the launch of its much awaited Job Oriented Bioinformatics Training Program
  19. May - 15th - 2015: Commence of Training Program in Regression Analysis of Banking Data using SAS at NTHRYS
  20. May - 10th - 2015: Launch of Food Technology Projects from 2014 October
  21. April - 20th - 2015: Publication standard projects methodology assistance services offered by NTHRYS under the fields of Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Embedded Systems, SAS, Environmental Sciences, Physiscs & Maths
  22. Feb - 8th - 2015: Launch of NGS Training Programme from 2015 January

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